Textile Engineering and Apparel


Welcome from Head of Applied Postgraduate Program

Mohamad Widodo, A.T., M.Tech., Ph.D.

Mohamad Widodo, A.T., M.Tech., Ph.D.

Welcome to the Masters Applied Study Program of Textile Engineering and Apparel.

This program is a pioneering postgraduate program in applied textiles at Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology which is later expected to develop into more study programs at the Masters and Doctoral levels in accordance with the needs of developing and strengthening the Indonesian national textile industry. Fully supported by the Ministry of Industry, this program was established and specifically designed to support the vision of developing and strengthening the Indonesian textile industry in the future, which is characterized by technological independence, innovation and competitiveness. Its scope of study focuses on engineering aspects and covers the entire supply chain in textile and textile product manufacturing activities from the manufacture of fibers, yarns and fabrics to the processing of fabrics and apparel, clothing and non-clothing textiles, and high-tech apparel products.

This program was established in 2018 and is the first and still the only one in Indonesia. At this time, the students already registered two batches with a total of 31 people. The curriculum is designed based on the future development needs of the Indonesian textile industry with a focus on mastering advanced textile technologies such as smart textiles, medical textiles and nanotechnology with a sustainable perspective.

On April 1, 2022, Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology will be 100 years old. Let’s move forward together and make the Master of Applied Textile and Apparel Engineering Study Program the forefront in welcoming a Century of Indonesian Textile Higher Education and entering a new era of Indonesian textiles that are independent, innovative and competitive.

Become a leading applied master's study program in Textile Engineering and Apparel, as well as an internationally recognized center of excellence for Indonesian textile science and technology.

To become a center of excellence in Indonesian textile science and technology that is recognized nationally and internationally and is able to provide innovative solutions in the fields of advanced textiles, sustainable textiles and clothing, as well as fibers and polymers from renewable and sustainable materialsfor the welfare of the nation and mankind.

  • Organizing an applied master’s education in textile engineering and apparel that is quality and professional, credible and visionary in order to produce industrial human resources who are able to keep up with future technological developments and are globally competitive.
  • Implement the development of science and technology in the field of textile engineering and apparel through applied research and technology development to assist the national textile industry in an effort to achieve the progress of the Indonesian nation and state and the good of mankind.
  • Take an active role in community service and collaborate with various parties in the implementation of the Tridharma of College to achieve the vision of the study program.

Graduates of the Applied Master of Textile and Apparel Engineering Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology are able to:

  • Develop innovative textile and apparel products using alternative renewable and sustainable materials.
  • Designing intelligent textile products for a wide range of new applications in the medical and safety and defense and security fields.
  • Design and manage environmentally friendly and sustainable textile and garment production and manufacturing processes.
  • Resolve long-term industrial problems to improve product and process quality.
  • Develop nanotechnology-based textile products.