SMARTEX is a curriculum development project funded by the CBHE Erasmus+ under the EU’s program. This project supports the modernization and internationalization of textile Higher Education Institutes in Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia by developing and updating the curriculum of smart and technical textiles for undergraduate study. It is a three-year project which will end soon in 2022. A total of 87 moduls were developed collectively by STTT and eight other universities in the consortium. At STTT, the courses are updates from the existing course in each of the three departments: Technical Textiles (Textile Engineering), Smart Textiles and Fashionable Technology (Textile Chemistry), and Advanced Garment and Intelligent Clothing (Garment Production). Three students, each from the Department of Textile Engineering, Textile Chemistry and Garment Production, are now preparing for departure to Belgium, Spain, and Greece respectively for a three-months internship in the smart textile company starting from May through to July 2022. This student industrial internship is one of the most important programs in the newly developed and updated curriculum of smart and technical textiles along with exchange of lecturers and staffs.



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  • Jenny Frida penna yikwa 2022-04-11 @ 07:58

    Ada jurusan gambar ka tdk

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