Welcome from Director

Tina Martina, A.T., M.Si.


Assalamualaikum wr wb

Greetings health and prosperity to all of us,

At this time we all must always remind ourselves to live a healthy lifestyle and comply with health protocols, even though the program has started to be run by the covid 19 virus, stay alert and look out for each other.

Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology during this pandemic is still carrying out teaching and learning activities online, but the campus is starting to open access for Final Project students who will conduct research and testing in the laboratory, but still with the implementation of health protocols.

We must not stay still, but we must continue to move and inovation, the task of organizing higher education to produce industrial human resources is a challenge in transferring knowledge to all of our students. The support and enthusiasm from the lecturers, teaching staff and education staff is extraordinary, the very well-established industrial cooperation and the very strong alumni network make Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology remain confident in being able to produce graduates who are competent and globally competitive.

As for the effort to build the work culture of the Ministry of Industry, the commitment to achieve bureaucratic reform through the implementation of the integrity zone continues to be echoed in all work units within the Ministry of Industry, the achievement of the predicate of Corruption Free Area (Wilayah Bebas Korupsi) and Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (Wilayah Birokrasi Bersih dan Melayani) must be obtained more by the work unit of the Ministry of Industry. Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology has succeeded in obtaining the title of Corruption Free Region in 2019 and is committed to being able to achieve a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area title in 2021, So it will complement our “A” predicate in College Institution Accreditation that we have achieved in February 2019.

In order to 100 Years of Textile Education in Indonesia in 2022, a very important momentum for Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology, various significant changes have been written as a series of long journeys in the history of Indonesian textile education. Textiel Inrichting Bandoeng (TIB) became a milestone for the forerunner of the growth and development of the textile world in Indonesia. Then with the development of machine looms in the 1930-1940 decades, it further encouraged the growth and development of the textile industry in preparing textile experts.

At its present age, Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology is ripe to be used as a bearer of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education as a Center of Excellence in the field of science and technology with the fashion sector further strengthening this field into an extraordinary commodity.

Being a Center of Excellence means continuously improving the ability of Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology in providing higher education, vocational research and community service. These efforts continue to be grown in various ways, ranging from updating testing machines and equipment with the latest technology, increasing human resources, increasing collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions, increasing access for research and synergies with the Textile Center as well as expanding industrial networks.

The anniversary is also special because it is in line with the long-term development vision of the national industry. The vision aspires for Indonesia to become a world formidable industrial country by 2025 (Presidential Regulation Number 28 of 2008 concerning National Industrial Policy). Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology at the age of 100 years wants to be part of the efforts of these ideals, especially in the field of providing Skilled and reliable educated industrial human resources as well as in the development of textile and fashion science and technology in Indonesia, and even the world; Indonesian textiles from us for the world!

Bandung, 25 March 2021

Director of Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology


Tina Martina