Welcome to the Masters Applied Study Program of Textile Engineering and Apparel.

This program is a pioneering postgraduate program in applied textiles at Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology which is later expected to develop into more study programs at the Masters and Doctoral levels in accordance with the needs of developing and strengthening the Indonesian national textile industry. Fully supported by the Ministry of Industry, this program was established and specifically designed to support the vision of developing and strengthening the Indonesian textile industry in the future, which is characterized by technological independence, innovation and competitiveness. Its scope of study focuses on engineering aspects and covers the entire supply chain in textile and textile product manufacturing activities from the manufacture of fibers, yarns and fabrics to the processing of fabrics and apparel, clothing and non-clothing textiles, and high-tech apparel products.

With the motto “Advancing Knowledge and Excellence in Textile”, the Textile Engineering and Apparel program makes advanced textiles and the concept of sustainability a hallmark and excellence of the study program which is translated into three core study areas: advanced textiles (technical textiles, smart textiles, functional textiles, fashionable technology, fiber high performance and specialty, high-tech apparel); innovative and sustainable process technology; and renewable and sustainable materials.

From the survey results, graduates of the Textile Engineering and Apparel master’s program have career prospects that are very wide open in various fields such as the process industry, fiber manufacturing, dyestuffs and textile auxiliary substances, textile machinery industry, research institutes, testing and certification companies, the military, to banking, including the fashion industry and the advanced textile industry, which are currently part of the technological revolution in the textile sector. This program also provides opportunities for textile entrepreneurs to develop skills in designing and developing innovative high-tech products based on applied research. For the time being, the Textile Engineering and Apparel program has a capacity of 30 students annually and accepts S1 or D4 graduates from various majors and educational backgrounds.

Currently we are all faced with a difficult condition that we have never experienced as individuals or a nation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This affects and changes many perspectives and the way we do many things, including in conducting lectures. As a form of active response to the emergency situation, the Textile and Apparel Engineering Masters Study Program has adopted new, more flexible approaches, including the use of information technology for distance learning (remote learning) and the implementation of online examinations and final assignments, and adjustments learning materials. This is done to ensure that learning activities can continue and protect students’ rights to education and teaching.

In the not too distant future we will all have to adopt these ways into a new normal. For that, I would like to say hello in particular and invite all master students in the Textile Engineering and Apparel study program to jointly prepare for the new normal period in curricular and non-curricular activities on campus. The health and safety of all of us will always be a priority. I urge all students to be able to maintain their own health and safety, and comply with the protocols that have been set for the smooth running of all of your activities on campus. Wear a mask, frequently wash your hands in an orderly manner with soap, and keep your distance.

On April 1, 2022, Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology will be 100 years old. Let’s move forward together and make the Master of Applied Textile and Apparel Engineering Study Program the forefront in welcoming a Century of Indonesian Textile Higher Education and entering a new era of Indonesian textiles that are independent, innovative and competitive.

Warm regards,

Mohamad Widodo, A.T., M.Tech., Ph.D.

(Head of Applied Postgraduate Program 2020-2024