Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Praise be to Allah the Almighty and the Most Willing, may protection and grace always be with us all. Even in the midst of the limitations caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, we express our praise and gratitude for the disclosure of information regarding the Major of Garment Production and Garment Production Concentration of Fashion Design through the provision of a website page that specifically contains information about academic, laboratory, extracurricular activities, scientific articles and others. Thank you to the entire management of Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology for the support that has been given, also to all lecturers, education staff, alumni, students and all parties who will work together to contribute to the development of the content of this website.

Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology, especially the Garment Production Major, is currently facing the Covid-19 outbreak response period, responsibly, it is required to take responsive actions and play an adaptive and solutive role during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Major of Garment Production has carried out the mandate of education through distance lectures conducted online for students, as well as carrying out work from home activities for lecturers and education staff. Distance lectures that have been carried out apply to theoretical courses and some practicums that can take place without using special equipment in the laboratory. In addition to carrying out education, in April 2020 the Garment Production Major also participated in social movements by producing Personal Protective Equipment which was distributed to health workers as the front line in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Garment Production Major is currently preparing face-to-face practicum lectures in what we know as the new normal. Various preparations made by the Garment Production Major in dealing with “new normal” conditions are of course based on the Covid-19 handling protocol, including preparing cleaning facilities in the laboratory, rules for lecture activities, adjusting the maximum number of students in the laboratory room, and so on. Efforts continue to be made in preparing lecture activities that prioritize the health and safety of the entire academic community of Bandung Polytechnic of Textile Technology. Likewise in terms of security which refers to the corridor set by the government.

Students who are part of the Millennial generation are known for their high creativity, being optimistic, and having adaptive abilities (flexible), so they can take an important role in the midst of the Covid-19 threat. Millennials are also expected to act as agents of change who move, develop and create creative ideas even in the midst of a pandemic. Millennials can do a lot to support the Covid-19 prevention program, for example by always complying with health protocols, participating in campaigning for behavior in “new normal” conditions, diligently exercising, avoiding crowds, thinking creatively in accessing knowledge, and other positive suggestions. Therefore, continue to be rich, explore your potential, and always be optimistic in gaining knowledge in the midst of these limitations.


Bandung, June 2020



Karlina Somantri, S.ST., M.M.

(Head of Garment Production Major 2020-2024)